National Ski Patrol at Sundown Mountain

With more than 31,000 members, the National Ski Patrol is one of the largest outdoor safety
organizations in the world. Patrols at 450 ski resorts, large and small across the country help to
keep outdoor enthusiasts safe year-round.

 Due to an amazing response, our patrol family is currently full. We hope to add another incoming class of patrollers in 2025. Please check back for details as they become available.

 It’s an honor to wear the red National Ski Patrol jacket while assisting others.
Skiers and non-skiers, 18 or older are welcome.

Benefits of being a member of the National Ski Patrol at Sundown Mountain Include:

Annual Ski Patrol Pass & Locker

Annual Ski Passes for Immediate Family

Ski Shop Discounts

Lodge Food Discounts

Discounts on National Brands like Patagonia, etc.

For more information, contact:  
Russ Weber
Phone: 563-542-1775
CLICK HERE to email

"Join us for some fun while using your skills this winter at Sundown."
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - Dubuque Fire Chief, retired
Sundown Ski Patrol Member
"Men and women over 18 are encouraged to join us. You’ll love it."
Wincie Doffing - Physical Therapist, DBQ
Sundown Ski Patrol Member